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  • Key Benefits

  • Create or reuse your survey

  • Real-time campaigns

  • Across iPhone, Android & Windows app stores

  • GPS tracking & checkin-in

  • Photo, video & audio uploads

  • Bulk task upload for large campaigns

  • User management of field staff

  • Advanced reporting queries

  • Export to Excel & Google Docs

  • Reporting charts and tables

  • White label reporting chart dashboard

Collect Many Types Of Data

  • Survey Data

    Receive survey data in real time which can be edited and reported on.

  • Videos

    Watch video clips from your field staffs' experiences out in the field.

  • Photos

    Capture visual evidence which can provide a clear insight of a completed task.

  • Audio

    Listen to the opinions of field staff to gain a verbal understanding of their experience.

  • Geo Locations

    Capture field staff coordinates whilst undergoing their tasks in real time.

  • Data Aggregation

    Combine different data structures from all surveys and campaigns to create your desired reporting for your clients.

High Level Security

MysteryShoppa ensures a high level of security at all times. You can email the MysteryShoppa customer service team based in the UK on:

We backup all our data and operate over a SSL connection, to eliminate any concerns about your data.

Mobile Data Collection

iPhone & Android apps | Real time data collection | Efficient campaign management

* MysteryShoppa technology will save your company time, money and help win new business.

Our Reporting

Export your campaign data

  • Query your campaign & survey data

  • Aggregate campaign data with any campaign

  • Export your data to Microsoft Excel

  • Export your data to Google Docs

  • Sort your query by groupby or sum.

  • Save your queries for reuse

Create & share chart dashboards

  • Share your data with your clients

  • Save and reuse reports & dashboards

  • Create custom white label chart dashboard

  • Choose from many charts such as: bar, side bar, pie, donut & radar charts plus more

  • Share your dashboard in real time

  • Filter your data into your website from our API


What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Intelligence

    Operations Manager

    "Helped us organize large number of visits & campaigns & is very easy to use."

    Belgrade, Serbia

  • Staff Room UK

    Project Manager

    "I think that Mysteryshoppa is very beneficial to us and what we are trying to do"

    London, UK

  • Clieintel


    "Has significantly helped to operate professionally & efficiently giving me the leverage we need to grow."

    Kingston, Jamaica

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